Our services will appear on paper to look similar to others. The difference is HOW we execute. Your homeowners will be shocked, your board will appreciate it, and your bank account will thank you for making a decision to become a Renaissance Community Partner.




















Ask About...

...Our Action Item Management System and how it ensures no tasks  fall through the cracks.

...Our Flat Rate Pricing model which avoids surprise bills from the management company.

..."Turn Arounds" and how angry homeowners end up expressing appreciation for the way they were treated.

...Friendly "sticky notes" instead of nasty untimely letters.

...How we leverage technology to provide boards with more information, in fact, any information, any way.

...email board packets instead of costly photocopies that you pile in boxes or throw away.

...Our unique approach to collections that helps homeowners fulfill their financial responsibilities to the community.

...How we  help homeowners with unique situations.

...About our team approach

...Why we don't use a lock box


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