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Our Members Enjoy...

•  Lower Landscape Costs

•  Discounted Weed Prevention

•  Lower Tree Maintenance Costs

•  Lower Painting Expenses

•  Homeowner Discount Card

•  Lower Costs  on any project when purchasing with another Coalition members




Dunn Edwards Joins the Coalition...

Members can now receive a 38% discount off retail prices on all paint and supplies at Dunn Edwards retail stores.


What are people saying about the Coalition?

Frank McConky, Board President

“We saved $2,600 on our tree trimming project through the Coalition!”   


Greg Wolfe, Board President

“We are saving $36,000 per year on our landscaping because of the coalition!”


Jeff Lee, Board President

“We saved 20% on our new park equipment by ordering together with two other coalition members!”


Dwain Lambrigger, Board President

“We saved $45,000 on our granite replenishment project by using the Coalition rock supplier!”


Charles Vaughn, Board President

“We saved 35% on our tree trimming project by using the Coalition tree trimming member and they did a great job!”


Phone: 480-813-6788    Fax: 480-545-6196  

             633 E Ray Road, Suite 122

         Gilbert, AZ 85296


        For more information - info@rcplimited.com

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